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If you are a Builder / Architect or Agents dealing with customers who are interested in installing Home / Office automation or security systems please get in touch with us to set up a meeting with our professional team.
Cigam keeps in mind the intricate requirements of a Builder / Architect and we work in tandem throughout the planning till the completion of the project. We assign dedicated team for our trusted partners and encourage long term partnership with us. We offer the latest and best in technology considering the budget constraints for every project.

Please use the enquiry form to arrange a meeting with our professional team.


Every Hotel needs its own set of unique automation & security solutions not just to attract customers but also to maintain their standards and to further their accreditation.
Our professional team would conduct a thorough analysis of your hotel’s plan while bearing in mind your requirements and gives you the best solution. We offer after service for our products and provide the latest technological upgrades with your existing solutions.

  • Latest SBUS systems that can control lighting and dimming.
  • HVAC and motorized curtain in rooms.
  • Intelligent door lock system which can be integrated with a door bell,
  • Along with Do Not Disturb alert, room cleaning and laundry pick up in a centralized system.

Please use the enquiry form to arrange a meeting with our professional team.





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